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National Projects

Jamestown Rediscovery Project

The National Society Daughters of Colonial Wars continues to support the Jamestown Rediscovery Project with an annual monetary donation which is designated for the purchase of a specific item or project recommended by the Finance Committee and approved at Annual Assembly. 

The Virginia Historical Society – Archival Records

The National Society makes an annual monetary contribution to the Virginia Historical Society for a specific project recommended by the Finance Committee and approved at Annual Assembly and to the Archives Division where the National Society lineage papers and documents are archived.

Mrs. Richard C. L. Moncure, II, National President 1986 - 1989, searched nationwide for an appropriate depository for our lineage records as well as the official records of the National Society.  She and our National Society were pleased to find that the Virginia Historical Society was interested.


Our lineage records are archived and available in Digital and Hard Copy for researchers at the Virginia Historical Society.  Copies of all our Lineage Books are in the research library.  Original lineage papers and official records are stored in the climate-controlled archives. 


Researchers may, also, request information by mail.  A DCW National Number is necessary to gain access to documentary information concerning the ancestor with service.  The Virginia Historical Society does charge a service fee and a photocopy fee.  Please contact the Virginia Historical Society for current fees.


Correspondence should be addressed to: The Virginia Historical Society; P.O. Box 7311, Richmond, Virginia 23221-0311 and marked to the attention of the Research Division.

Earl Gregg Swem Library

The Earl Gregg Swem Library has been the recipient of a monetary donation from the National Society for the purchase or conservation of specific documents.  The specific item is recommended by the Finance Committee and approved at Annual Assembly.

United States Military Academy at West Point, NY

Each year the National Society gives an award to a graduating cadet at the United States Military Academy at West Point, New York, who achieves the highest standing in United States History.  The Department of History faculty selects the winner.  The award is an engraved pitcher, presented by the National President or her selected representative.  The expense for the pitcher and the engraving is the contribution of the National Society. 

Cathedral of the Pines:

Each year, on May 30, a memorial service is held at the Cathedral of the Pines in Rindge, New Hampshire, for all American war dead.  The National Society makes a monetary contribution for the maintenance of the "Cathedral."  If possible, the National President or her representative is present for the service.

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