National President
Alice Strouse Ellingsberg

Alice Strouse Ellingsberg was elected National President at this year's Annual Assembly for the years 2019 to 2022.

On the National level, She was the National First Vice President from 2016 -2019 and National Registrar 2010 to 2016. 

National Officers    2019-2022

National President:  Alice Strouse Ellingsberg

1st Vice President:  Melanie K. Platte

2nd Vice President:  E. Adelle Bowyer

National Chaplain:  Stacey Leo Panei

National Recording Secretary:  Elaine Wagner

National Corresponding Secretary: Shirley Klogerdanz Arendt

National Organizing Secretary:  Sonia Mallar

National Treasurer:  Pamela Redd Meiring

National Registrar:  Mary Webster Glenn

National Historian:  Kristin McDonald

National Custodian:  Mary C. Armstrong

National Parliamentarian: Leslie Richards

State and Commonwealth Societies

 Alabama: Carolyn Drennen*

Alaska/Oregon:  Perri Pitman Parker*

Arizona: Emilie J. Siarkiewicz*


California: Shirley Arendt*

Colorado: Mollie Sue Morton

Connecticut:  Niki Rittenhouse

District of Columbia:  Barbara Hensley Carpenter

Florida:  Stephanie Murphy

Georgia: Christine Napier*

Illinois: Kimberly Nagy

Iowa:  Miss Christie Noble

Kentucky:  Jessieanne Wells*

Louisiana:  Julia French Wood *

Maine:  Sonia L Mallar (Mrs. Wayne H)

Maryland:  Barbara Lynn Teter Greeley*

Massachusetts:  Gail Thomas*

Michigan:  Susan Moritz*

Missouri:  Leslie Richards*

New York:  Vicky Kinney Goldman

Nebraska: Mary Hinke

North Carolina:  Cricket Crigler*

North Dakota:  Wanda Peterson

Oklahoma:  Donna Rush Lamb

Pennsylvania:  Sharon R. Capan (Mrs. David R.)

South Carolina:  Kristi Lind Kingren (Mrs. Keith A.)*

Tennessee:  Josephine Hill*

Texas:  Colleen Lynch Petosa*

Virginia:  Pamela Redd Meiring*

Washington:  Diane Eagon

West Virginia:  Rebecca "Becky" Davis

Wisconsin:  Ruth Anderson


* Elected 2019                      


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