L. Donna Hoffmann 
P.O. Box 92 ~ Bucksport, ME 04416
207-469-2916 ~


Dear Daughters,

Thank you so very much for the honor of electing me National President.  Each of your National Officers looks forward to working with each State Society to further the goals of the National Society.  We are truly grateful for this opportunity to serve you these next three years.

Each of the National Officers and National Chairmen have prepared letters and forms for the Summer Packet for distribution to State Officers, State Chairmen and members.  Please remember that many of your National Officers and National Chairmen have changed, you will find contact information for them in their packet letter and on the members only portion of the NSDCW Website [password: tudorrose].

A new Directory and Handbooks will be printed in the Fall.  As State Officers, it will be a tremendous advantage to you to purchase both of these important tools.  In addition, we are in the process of obtaining several new items for purchase which will promote DCW.  A list of these supplies will be in the Tudor Rose Councillor.

The new Tudor Rose Councillor Editor is Laura Kwon [].  Deadlines for the TRC are 1 November for the Spring issue and 1 June for the Fall issue.  Please adhere to these deadlines so Laura can receive and format the TRC to be mailed in a timely manner.

My National President’s Project is “The Popham Colony.”  The Popham Colony was the first colony on the Eastern Shore and was located near the current town of Phippsburg, Maine.  Approximately 100 men arrived at Popham Colony in 1607.  The colony was abandoned after one year, due to family changes in England.  During the year, the first ship built by the English in the New World was completed and returned the remaining inhabitants of Popham Colony to England.  The ship, “The Virginia,” successfully crossed the Atlantic again in 1609 as the Third Supply mission to Jamestown.

We hope to have a meeting in Bath, Maine where a replica of “the Virginia” is being built and where artifacts from the archeology dig at the Popham Colony are on display.

I am excited to have the opportunity of visiting each of the states.  Please send me an email or a letter of invitation. My email is or 207-469-2916 PO Box 92, Bucksport, ME 04416.





Red, White and Blue


Happiness, friendship, and cooperation is the spirit of life


2 Samuel 22:17  “He sent from above, he took me; he drew me out of many waters”


Right and honesty are always best in all things



Alice Strouse Ellingsberg
1225 2nd Street West ~ West Fargo, ND 58078-2616
701-282-4472 –

The National First Vice President is next in rank to the National President.  In the event of the resignation, incapacity, or death of the National President, the First Vice President shall assume the office of the National President.  The National First Vice President should have firsthand knowledge of the current workings of the National Society in order that she may be prepared to assume the office of National President should the need arise. 
Traditionally, the National First Vice President is a member of the Finance Committee.  She may be called upon to represent the National President at official functions of the Society when the National President cannot be present. 
Other duties of the National First Vice President will be those delegated by the National President or the National Council.  During this administration, this officer will maintain the National Member database, making changes and updates as they are reported. 
During this administration, it is the goal of this National Officer to make available an expanded index to the Ancestor Database, a project began during the last administration. In addition to the ancestor’s name, the index will include (if known) the Colony of service, year of birth and death and spouse’s name.  The additional information will allow prospective members to correctly identify their ancestor as opposed to another individual with the same name. 




National 2nd Vice President

Elaine Wagner
1824 Denali Drive E., ​Monmouth, OR 97361
541-852-3628 ~

This officer is honored and thrilled to be elected your National Chaplain for the Hoffman Administration.  Please continue to send the completed change of membership upon death of a member and include an obituary.  An obituary signals a death instead of just word of mouth from one member to another.

Birthday cards will be sent to members 90 years of age or older.  Please send the name of the member, State membership, list of State offices held held as well as National.  If possible give the date of membership.

If there is anything this Chaplain can do for your State Society don’t hesitate to contact me at J. Elaine Wagner, 1824 Denali Dr., Monmouth, OR 97361or by telephone at 541-852-3628.



State Chaplains

ALABAMA (2016-2019)
Mary Anne Bates Gibbons (Mrs. Grady W.)
3981 Spring Valley Rd.
Birmingham, AL 35223-1679
​   205-967-6942

ALASKA (2016-2019)
Jeannie Shannon
PO Box 22023
Milwaukee, OR 97269-2023    503-481-0859

ARIZONA (2016-2019)
Sally Hlavay
25150 N. Windy Walk Drive, Villa 16
Scottsdale, AZ 85255-8105
H: 480-585-6934
Cell: 480-993-4429

Dorothy Wilks
PO Box 663
Stuttgart, AR 72160-0663
email State President Marjo Dill 

CALIFORNIA (2016-2019)
Lola Bernice Cook Robertson
11137 Dulcet Avenue
Northridge, CA 91326-2413
​    818-360-4349

CONNECTICUT (2016-2019)
Barbara Turcy (Mrs. Frank)
3030 Park Avenue, Apr. 5N7
Fairfield, CT 06604    203-373-6364

Ann Taylor Schaeffer (Mrs. Ronald L.)
5611 North 15th Street
Arlington, VA 22205-2805   703-300-9184

Carol Ann Lane (Mrs. Frank Allen)
880 San Padro Avenue
Coral Gables, FL 33156-6339

GEORGIA (2016-2019)
Barbara Powell Fincher
135 Mt. Carmel Road
Culloden, GA 31016-6132    478-885-2549

ILLINOIS (2016-2019)
Norma Jones Fiedler
2749 County Road 1600E
Rantoul, IL 61866-9701
​    217-840-3442

​IOWA (2016-2019)
Roberta Parks
1405 Brookwood Drive
Iowa City, IA 52240-6063    319-337-9190

Mona Halliburton Hartzler (Mrs. Richard)
14203 South Haven Road
Grandview, MO 64030-4058    816-761-9215

KENTUCKY (2016-2019)

LOUISIANA (2016-2019)
Annette Williams Carroll (Mrs. Donald Keith)
2667 Hwy. 589
Oak Grove, LA 71263    318-428-3198

MAINE (2016-2019)
Norma W. Spurling (Mrs. Lester)
49 Ledgelawn Road
Bar Harbor, ME 04609-1303    207-266-0459

MARYLAND (2016-2019)

Georgia Mae Kingsbury Harp
11 Lincoln Circle
Carver, MA 02330-1619    508-866-5139

Leslie Reynolds Fowler
25836 State Hwy, 106
Barry, IL 62312-9801     217-257-6868

MISSOURI (2016-2019)
Joan Sorrels
1502 N. Lake of the Woods RD
Columbia, MO 65202-8915    573-474-4790

NEW YORK (2016-2019)
Mary-Lynne Bird
PO Box 630-189
Little Neck Hills, NY 11363-0189    516-561-5517

NORTH CAROLINA (2016-2019)
Anne Bracey Lewellen (Mrs. Wayne)
807 Townsend Avenue
Gastonia, NC 28052    704-864-5771

NORTH DAKOTA (2016-2019)
Nancy Legerski
4011 Dominion St
Bismarck, ND 58503    701-223-7813

OKLAHOMA (2016-2019)
Elizabeth Chapman Codding
3109 Touchmark Drive
Edmond, OK 73003-2106    405-359-7478

PENNSYLVANIA (2016-2019)
Ellen Glasser (Mrs. Herbert G.)
114 High Street
Monaca, PA 15061-2728    724-774-4537

SOUTH CAROLINA (2016-2019)
Sarah Perkins
300 Beaumont Park Circle
Blythewood, SC 29016-9592    803-786-2508

TENNESSEE (2016-2019)
Virginia O'Rear
1435 Thomas Circle
Cookeville, TN 38506-5903
​    931-526-7596

Sharon Ellison Allen
7137 Quail Ridge Road
Fort Worth, TX 76132-3259    817-361-7117

VIRGINIA (2016-2019)
Emily Richardson 
2150 Whippoorwill Road
Charlottesville, VA 22901-8811    434-977-6880


Contact  WApresident
Iras Remington Gabryelewicz (Mrs. Theodore)
2316 First Avenue North
Seattle, WA 98109-2001

WEST VIRGINIA (2016-2019)
Rebecca Lizzell Davis (Mrs. Donald M.)
1910 Lizzell Union Road
Maidsville, WV 25501-9779    304-328-5491

Gail Toerpe (Mrs. Robert)
3034 South Wentworth Avenue
Milwaukee, WI 53207-3017    414-744-9664


Please report any corrections to the information above through the "Suggestions or Comments?" link below:


Memorial Day 

Two hundred and thirty years ago George Washington notified Congress on April 15, 1783, of the favorable end to the Battle of Yorktown allowing Congress to ratify preliminary articles of peace ending the Revolutionary War with Great Britain. Even though the Treaty of Paris would not be signed until September 3, 1783, a memorial celebration called “A Great Jubilee Day” was held throughout the Colonial States on the last Monday in May 1783. Ever since then, a Memorial Day-type celebration has been held thereafter, somewhat sporadically and sometimes less officially until after what some call “The Second American Revolution.” Then, on the last Monday in May 1863, this other special day of celebration was held to commemorate veterans from the most recent war fought between 1861 until 1865. Then, annually, since 1866, what was called the “Day of Remembrance” has been recognized. In 1971, the United States Congress declared Memorial Day to be a national holiday observed on the last Monday in May. Although references, to “The War Between The States” appear occasionally in federal and state court documents, and even though Jefferson Davis, Robert Edward Lee, Pierre Gustave Toutant Beauregard, Nathan Bedford Forrest all used the term “Civil War,” Congress has never adopted an official name for that war. However, the names “The Civil War” and “The War Between the States” have been used jointly in some formal contexts. For example, to mark the war’s centenary in the 1960’s, the state of Georgia created the “Georgia Civil War Centennial Commission Commemorating the War Between the States.” In 1994, the U.S. Postal Service issued a series of commemorative stamps entitled “The Civil War/The War Between the States.”  Although the name of that war’s memorial day sometimes is referred to as Decoration Day, when considering historical, political, and cultural sensitivities, of different groups and of different religions, it is noted that various names have been used such as: the Great Rebellion, the War of the Rebellion, the War for Southern Independence, the War of Northern Aggression, the War of Southern Aggression, the Freedom War, the War of Secession, the American Civil War, the U.S. Civil War, the War Between the Government of the United States of America and Certain States Styling Themselves the Confederate States of America, the Four-year War Between the States, the War of Separation, the War for Southern Independence, the War for the Union, the Confederate War, Mr. Lincoln’s War, Mr. Davis’ War, the War Between Brothers, the Late War of Unpleasantness, the Recent Unpleasantness. 

Let us pray.

Dear Lord, no matter how the name of war is styled, war is war. Lead us to a better understanding, of what is needed to survive today’s turmoil. Let us greet each other as brothers, in need of one another, for the survival of all. Help us realize that war is unhealthy for humans and for all other living things. 



Memorial Day. Downloaded on May 12, 2015, from _salutes_soldiers.jpg://

Memorial Day 2015 and 2016. Downloaded on May 12, 2015, from http// Day 2015 and 2016  

Memorial Day. Downloaded on May 12, 2015, from

Names of the American Civil War. Downloaded on May 12, 2015, from

















Kelly Carey
195 South Oakhurst Drive ~ Aurora, IL 60504-6613
630-723-1818 ~


The National Corresponding Secretary is responsible for sending correspondence at the direction of the National President or the National Council.  This may be via email or regular mail.  To ensure the communication is sent to the current officers please send any changes in officers via the Officer Change form to this officer’s attention at the email above.




National Organizing Secretary
Kristin McDonald  (Mrs. Ian C. McDonald)
2106 9 1/2 Street N, Fargo, ND 58102-5063
H: 701-232-8567  Cell: 701-361-9819




Where no State Society exists the National Council may, upon recommendation of the National Organizing Secretary, appoint a member to be the Organizing President of the state in which the State Society is to be formed.  Immediately upon the confirmation of an Organizing President she shall be transferred to membership at large by the National Organizing Secretary.  The office of Organizing President shall expire by limitation at the end of one year, but she may be reappointed upon the request of the National Organizing Secretary.  (Article XII Section 2 a)

The Organizing President may call a preliminary meeting of five or more prospective members for appointing a Secretary, a Treasurer and a Registrar to serve during the period of organization of the State Society and to approve a bank in which to deposit funds. 


When the Organizing President has secured at least ten persons who desire to form a State Society at least five of whom are residents of the state, and whose papers have been approved by the National Registrar, she shall forward their names and addresses to the National Organizing Secretary.  When persons already members of the Society are included their transfers shall have been completed.  (Article XII Section 2 b)

A member of an existing State Society who wishes to become an organizing member of a State Society forming must be transferred to membership at large prior to the organization of the new State Society.  (Article XII Section 2 c)

When the required number of members to form a State Society has been secured, the Organizing President shall hold an Organizational meeting to adopt bylaws which may not conflict with the bylaws of the National Society; elect officers; and transact other necessary business. (Article XII Section 3)

Before a State Society can be confirmed by the Annual Assembly and thus recognized as a State Society, a report in duplicate of the organization meeting shall have been sent to and verified by the National Organizing Secretary.  This report shall contain date of the organization meeting, the names and signatures of the organizing members and of the officers elected.  (Article XII Section 4)

At the next Annual Assembly of the National Society, the National Organizing Secretary shall present the name of the State Society for confirmation.  State Societies thus formed may elect delegates to the Annual Assembly subject to its confirmation.  (Article XII Section 5)

Upon the confirmation of a State Society, the National Organizing Secretary shall send to the National Treasurer and the National Registrar a list of the names, with National and State numbers of the organizing members and shall indicate any transfers made in its formation. (Article XII Section 6)

During the period of formation of a new State Society and for the first fiscal year following its organization, the application fee for each member may be retained by the State Society, except that ten dollars from that amount shall be sent to the National Treasurer as the fee for each paper to be examined. (Article XII Section 7)





National Organizing Secretary
Kristin McDonald  (Mrs. Ian C. McDonald)
2106 9 1/2 Street N, Fargo, ND 58102-5063
H: 701-232-8567  Cell: 701-361-9819


Disbandment of a State Society

Notice of the intention of a State Society to disband must be sent to the National President and National Organizing Secretary six months before the vote is taken. A special meeting of the State shall be called after giving notice and the National President or her representative may attend the meeting.  Two-thirds vote by ballot of the entire membership is required.  The vote of members living at a distance may be taken by mail or electronic means.  A report of the vote to disband, bearing the signatures the State President and State Recording Secretary, shall be forwarded to the National Organizing Secretary and presented to the National Council for action at is next regular meeting.

No part of the property of the state organization or any of the proceeds shall be distributed to or inure to the benefit of any of the officers or member of the state organization or any other organization.

Upon the dissolution of the state organization, assets shall be distributed by the Executive Committee to and only to the National Society Daughters of Colonial Wars.

Automatic Disbandment of a State Society: A State Society whose membership falls below ten members shall be given one year to increase its membership to the required number. If the required number is not attained within one year, such State Society shall be disbanded by the National Council and its membership transferred to member at large.



Carolyn Drennen
3245 Dell Road, Birmingham, AL 35223-1317
205-879-5933 ~ ​


The National Historian, in cooperation with the State Historians, encourages research of the history of the American Colonial Period which covers the years 1607-1775.  She keeps a record of historical and commemorative celebrations and all matters of historical importance to the society.  She has custody of such historical papers as the National Council directs.

Outstanding American History Teacher Award

The National Historian reviews requests for the Daughters of Colonial Wars teacher award.  State Societies may nominate an individual for: “Outstanding service by the exemplification and encouragement of Patriotism and interest in American History and in our American Heritage.”  This officer will notify the State President if their applicant is a division or national winner. 

Teachers in elementary, secondary, intermediate, high schools and colleges are eligible, as well as leaders of youth organizations, who promote the study of American History.  Members of Daughters of Colonial Wars are not eligible.  The teacher nominated must teach in the state that sponsors the nomination.  The nomination must be postmarked by February 1st.

The State winners will be reviewed and two national winners will be announced at the Annual Assembly in April.  A monetary award will be given and determined by the Executive Board.   All winners also receive a beautiful embossed certificate with the tri-color insignia of the Society. 

Historical Markers

The official insignia of the National Society on a bronze plaque may be used by the National Society or a State Society to mark an historic or event site, building, trail, etc.  Use of such an official marker must be compatible with that objective of the Society which is to commemorate the events of the American Colonial Period (1607-1775).

A State Society wishing to place a marker bearing the official insignia shall first request permission from the National President and the National Historian, giving a full explanation of the event, place, or person being commemorated and the proposed inscription.  After approval is received, the order can be placed directly with the dealer who is authorized by the National Society.  At the present time markers are available from: Maryland Memorials; 313 Crain Highland, SE; Glen Burnie, MD 21061-3566.





Dr. Claiborne Skinner Jr. was honored as the 2015 Outstanding American History Teacher.   Dr. Skinner is an instructor in the Department of History and Social Sciences at the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy.  Dr. Skinner's nomination was sponsored by the Illinois State Society. 


To the left, National Historian Kelly Carey presents the Outstanding American History Teacher award to Dr. Claiborne Skinner Jr.  

Below, Illinois State President Linda Mizell stands with Dr. Skinner and National Historian Kelly Carey. 



Photographs by PhotoStockPlus




National Society Daughters of Colonial Wars
National Treasurer
Anne Farley
101 Central Park West, Apt. 14E, New York, NY 10023
H: 212-877-2437  ~



Dear State Treasurers:                                                                                                                            July 22, 2018


I am writing to provide updated information about the dues process.


Dues and Donations: With this letter is the dues roster for your state society. The roster is in an Excel format. If you are unable to use Excel, please advise the Treasurer National, and a .pdf will be prepared and forwarded to you.


The annual national dues remittance is due from states to the National Treasurer by January 1, 2019. With five months to collect dues, it is expected that all states will be able to comply with this deadline.


National dues amounts are unchanged and are $20 for members of state societies. The document “Information re Dues”, posted on the members’ web site, contains various provisions re: new members, delinquent members, Emerita members, etc., as extracted from the by-laws.


Please note that, in April 2018, the bylaws were amended to provide that dues for members admitted on or after July 1 will be applied to the next year. This is a change from the previous date of October

1. The attached roster includes all members admitted as of June 30, 2018.


Members in delinquent status are listed at the bottom of the dues roster and noted as delinquent. Two years of dues need to be collected for these members AND the dues of $20 for the current year must be remitted to the National Treasurer by October 1, 2018. Members in delinquent status whose dues are not in hand on October 1, 2018, will be dropped from membership.


The National Society Dues and Donation Form for 2018-9 is a fillable all-in-one form to be used to remit your state’s annual dues and donations to national projects. The top half of the form provides a list of National Society projects for which donations are appreciated. The bottom section of the form is for reporting membership figures and the dollar amount of dues being remitted. The combined total of donations and dues may be remitted with one check. This form may also be used for donations made throughout the year.


Returning Lists and Remittances to National and Related Deadlines: Corrected dues rosters and remittances are to be returned to the National Treasurer on or before January 1, 2019. Please DO return the dues roster with your remittance and indicate which members have paid dues. To summarize, the following documents should be returned to the National Treasurer:


RETURN THE FOLLOWING DOCUMENTS:  Located under Forms Tab on Member Only Site. 

  • State Roster with corrections and notations

  • National Society Dues and Donations Form

  • Check for Payment


Anne Farley

101 Central Park West, 14E New York, NY 10023-4250

IRS Form 990-N:


As of this date, all but two state societies have filed the most recent 990-N postcard with the IRS. THANK YOU! As a reminder, the postcard is to be filed within 4-1/2 months of the fiscal year end. For our state societies, those deadlines are:


State Society’s Fiscal Year End

Postcard Due Date

Feb 28 - all states except GA, MD, MI

Jul 15

Dec 31 - GA, MD, MI

May 15


The 990-N postcard may be filed the day after the end of the fiscal year, and not before. States with February 28 year ends may file on March 1, and states with December 31 year ends may file on January 1.


When your state’s 2018 990N is filed, please forward a copy of the Accepted (not Pending) IRS status report for your state showing that you are in compliance with the annual IRS reporting requirement.


Changes in Member Information: Throughout the year, as changes in a member’s contact information or membership status become known, please prepare and remit a Change in Membership Status Form which is also located on the Members’ web page.


Thank you for your service to our beloved Society. I welcome your feedback, and I thank you for your help in carefully administering the finances of our Society.



Anne Farley



National Society Daughters of Colonial Wars, Inc.

Information re Dues

(as excerpted from the NSDCW bylaws) 2018-19




  • National dues for members of State Societies are $20.


  • The National Treasurer is to provide a dues roster to the State Treasurers on or before October 1.


  • Dues are to be remitted by the State Treasurer to the National Treasurer on or before January 1. State Treasurers should establish a due date for their members’ dues to enable timely remittance of dues to the National Treasurer.


  • Members who are admitted or reinstated on or after July 1 are considered to have paid dues for the next fiscal year.


Reinstatement of Membership:


  • Members who have resigned from membership may be reinstated by paying current dues.


  • Members whose membership lapsed because the state society was disbanded may be reinstated by paying current dues.


  • Members who were dropped from membership for nonpayment of dues may be reinstated by paying two times the annual national and state dues and a reinstatement fee of $10. A total of $50 is to be remitted to the National Treasurer.


  • Members who are reinstated on or after July 1 are considered to have paid dues for the next fiscal year.


Members Whose Dues are in Delinquent Status:


  • Members whose dues are unpaid may not transfer until both National and State dues have been paid.


  • Members whose dues are NOT RECEIVED by the National Treasurer on or before February 1 may not serve as a delegate at the Annual Assembly.


  • Members whose dues are in arrears are to receive a letter from their State Treasurer on June 1 requesting payment of dues.


  • Members whose dues are NOT RECEIVED by the National Treasurer on or before October 1 will be dropped from membership.




  • Dues for Members at Large are $30 per year and are billed on or before October 1.


  • Dues are due to the National Treasurer on or before January 1.


  • Members-at-large whose dues are in arrears are to receive a letter from the National Treasurer on June 1 requesting payment of dues.


  • Members-at-large whose dues are NOT RECEIVED by the National Treasurer on or before October 1 will be dropped from membership.


Emerita Members:


  • Upon written request, members reaching the age of 90 years and having been a member for 5 consecutive years will be granted Emerita status in the National Society upon confirmation by the National Registrar.



Prepared by Anne Farley, National Treasurer

Updated July 22, 2018


National Registrar
Noreen Riffe
2119 Sherwood Lane, ​Pueblo, CO 81005-2715

The National Registrar examines and approves new member applications and supplemental applications.  Every effort is made to review verify applications within several weeks of receipt.  Applicants will be notified by mail as soon as their applications have been approved.  Copies of verified applications are mailed to the State Registrars.  If an applicant wishes to obtain a copy of her verified application, she should contact the State Registrar. 
Please do not affix identifying information to the backs of documents submitted with application papers.  Attaching identifying information has been a long standing practice, not only for DCW but for other hereditary societies as well.  However, when application papers and accompanying documents are scanned at the end of an administration, the National Society has in the past been charged for scanning both sides of each document.  By not attaching identifying information – or making any marks whatsoever – on the backs of the documents, we should be able to greatly reduce our digitization costs. 
When preparing application papers, there are several things to keep in mind.  Please remember to include a Red Card with each application.  The application should be on 8.5x14” paper. Be mindful to use paper of appropriate weight and quality.  Application papers are permanently stored at the Virginia Historical Society.  It is important that the paper on which the application is printed will be able to withstand the test of time.  Please do not use highlighters on documents. They do not copy well.  For digitization purposes, please submit documents only on paper that is 8.5 x 11” or 8.5 x 14.”  And finally, no staples please!  If you want to use paperclips to separate generations, I’m fine with that.  It only takes a minute for me to remove them.  Please do not use sticky notes on the application or documentation. This leaves a sticky residue behind when the note is removed, and makes archivists cringe.
New is the Member for Member pin which is now available.  The revised application has a place on the front page to identify the member who has assisted others with their application. To be eligible for the Member for Member pin, the newly revised application form must be used.
For further information about application papers, please contact me or see the Registrar’s Letters and Forms section of the Members Only portion of the NSDCW web site.  Past National Registrar, Donna Hoffmann created several informative documents that remain there as valuable resources. 


Copyright Notice  2011-2019

This site is property of the National Society Daughters of Colonial Wars. Graphics and information may not be copied or used for purposes other than furthering the society's goals.