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May 10, 2024


Dear Daughters:

We now have a new agreement with Hamilton Jewelers on ordering our INSIGNIA. Hamilton will no longer accept orders by phone or email. All ordering will be done through NSDCW INSIGNIA CHAIRMAN. To view the pin image, go to 


The new Order Form can be viewed below on this page, but to order please download the pdf file located below. 

The new process for ordering NSDCW insignia is:

  1. Download the form, complete it, and send in postal mail to the Insignia Chairman with a check, (no cards)

  2. Make your check out to NSDCW

  3. The Insignia Chairman will keep a record of your order; she will forward your check to the Treasurer, and place your order with Hamilton.

  4. Hamilton, upon receipt, process the order and ship it to the Insignia chairman.

  5. The Insignia Chairman will check the order and ship it to you.


Thank you for observing and following the new directives.

         E. Adele Bowyer

National President

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