Programs & Projects

The programs and projects of the National Society promote its Objects.  While emphasis changes with each administration, some projects and awards are ongoing:

1.  The National Historian's Teacher Award recognizes teachers and leaders of youth organizations in each state for outstanding achievements in demonstrating good citizenship and patriotism and by teaching young people about Colonial American heritage and history.

2.  The Historic Research and Preservation Award is given for Colonial research and preservation such as restoration of records as well as oral, written, or pictorial contributions.

3. The Patriotic Education Essay Competition is intended to make our youth aware of the past and the great sacrifice that was made by the first men and women who came to America and founded this great country. There are monetary awards to the first, second, and third place winners at the national level.

4. A contribution is given annually to Jamestowne Rediscovery to support a summer intern at Historic Jamestowne.

5.  A contribution is given annually to the Earl Gregg Swem Library of the College of William and Mary for the purchase of rare Colonial books.  This library is considered to have one of the finest collections of American Colonial books in the world.  The Wrenn Building housing the library is the oldest academic building in the United States, dating from the English Colonical period.

6. A contribution is given annually to the Virginia Historical Society (VHS), to cover a subscription to and other purposes of the VHS.

7. The National Society makes a financial contribution for maintenance of the Cathedral of the Pines at Rindge, New Hampshire, designated by the United States Congress as the "Altar of the Nation."  Each year, on May 30, a memorial service is held at the "Cathedral" for all American war dead and is attended by the National President or her representative when possible.

8. Each year the National Society presents an award to a graduating cadet from the United States Military Academy at West Point, New York.  The winner is selected by the History Department faculty for excellence in the study of American history.  The winner receives an engraved presentation pitcher, paid for by the National Society, which is presented during the annual award ceremony.